Welcome to us

We are really happy you chose to stay with us.
Here is some practical information that will make your stay here as good as possible.

Phone: +47 72 90 92 00
reception open: 9-16

Outside opening hours:
John Eirik: +47 41 33 95 18
Geir: +47 40 74 53 15

Make yourself feel at home

    We hope your stay with us meets your expectations. And that you get the opportunity to to enjoy yourself in our small village. There is a lot to experience here. We recommend checking our website. It contains a lot of information about various activities that Hindrum and Fosen can offer.

   Network name and password  is in the black folder in the living room. There is also a lot of other information there.

   If you are thirsty, the water in the tap is from a fresh mountain lake and is of top quality. Let the water run until it’s nice and cold.    

   There is a large and a small towel in the dresser drawers by each bed, if you need more towels do not hesitate to contact us. 

   In the service building, there is both a washing machine and a tumble dryer that can be used free of charge. Here there are also two bathrooms with shower and toilet.

   Should something be missing, or if you have questions or other inquiries, come by and have a chat.

    For the sake of the environment, please sort the waste. All housing units have waste containers for food, residual waste, paper, metal / glass.

In case of fire

    Find out if there is a real emergency and if there is a fire. Call 110 and report what has happened. Extinguish if possible without exposing yourself to danger.

The address here is Hindrum Fjordsenter Drakestranda 1300 7125 Vanvikan

Emergency meeting spot at reception.

Before you leave, please

  • Take off the bedding and leave it in a pile on the living room floor.
  • Sort the garbage and take it out to the large containers in the “bunker” by the road.
  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it.

    If you rent a boat, you are required to clean the boat before returning it.

    If the reception is closed, just put the keys in the red mailbox at the reception.

Check out at 10:00

Unless otherwise specified.

Boat rental

    When renting a boat, it is important that you get familiar with all the terms and conditions that apply to the boat you are going to rent. You will receive lifewests og nautical maps. Remember to take your phone with you, and be sure to store our number. We enter into a rental contract and a deposit of 2000nok or 200 Euro is to be paid. The deposit is for covering any smaller damages to boat or propeller.


    If you need gasoline, contact us. You must then sign your name and house / cabin number on a list we have. You will pay when returning the boat.

Return and control of boat

    Before returning the boat, it is important that it is completely cleaned and that the tank is filled or replaced. If the boat is rented per hour price, gasoline is included. We will perform an inspection before you get your deposit back. We check gasoline, propeller and otherwise the condition of the boat.

    We recommend bringing a bucket with which you tie a rope. Then you can use cold seawater during the fishing trip and scrub and wash “as you go”. This makes the job of end cleaning much easier. There is also a hose with fresh water both on the large pier at the fjordcenter and in the marina.

After cleaning and filleting fish

    Please clean the filleting room. The fish remains must be thrown into the sea at least 200 meters from land.


    To continuously increase the quality of the experiences here we would greatly appreciate if you could give us some feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much for the visit.
We wish you a safe trip home and a warm welcome back :)