Fishing adventures

    Bring friends and family on a sea-fishing adventure you will never forget. The Trondheim Fjord has the largest biological production among Norway’s fjords with both southern and northern species. Over 140 species have been observed and at least 90 of these are fish.

Munkstigen via ferrata

    Take the challenge and get to the top. The Munkstigen via ferrata is an exciting climb that makes it tickle your stomach and gives you a fantastic panoramic nature experience. From here you have a view of Trondheim, large parts of Trondheim’s fjord and the surrounding areas. This is the best lookout post of Trondheim.

Scuba diving

    Diving at the world’s shallowest occurrence of the rock coral Lophelia Pertusa is a 5-10 minute boat ride from the Fjord Center. There are also opportunities for wreck diving not too far from the fjord center.

The pearls of Fosen

    Visit farms and local food producers, enjoy unique trade, excursions to water and land, interesting cultural monuments, galleries and museums.

Organic cheese factory

    The cheese you get here is award-winning, rare and handmade. Everything from dress-bound cheddar, to beer-marinated cheese. Made with inspiration from the big world, but adapted to Norwegian conditions.

Hindrem Stave Church

    The church is of beautiful craftsmanship and was built in 2012, on the site of the old parish church as a copy of Haltdalen stave church from the 12th century. Hindrem Stave Church was built in 2012 at Hindrem.


    We have many beautiful marked hiking trails in the area, which give you a wonderful nature experience.     Here there are opportunities to borrow or rent a bicycle too.

Viking burial mounds

    Before Christian times, people were buried after death in both mounds of earth or piles of stone, either in cremated form or as an equal burial.     In the early 1800s, there were about 80 burial mounds in this area.

Museum of costal heritage

    The museum is one of the country’s finest museums, with its own active boat building department, historic rose garden, café and one of the country’s largest collections of clinker-built raw sailboats.

Skoglund's charter trip on the Atlantic Ocean

    It can be shorter boat trips, half-day trips or full-day trips. Sightseeing, fishing trips, or simply a relaxing trip on the lake.

Trondheim by boat

    Takes you on beautiful journeys with historical guiding along the Nidelva river and fantastic nature out on the Trondheimsfjord. Here you get to see the city from a whole new perspective.


    Five thousand years ago, a man stood in front of the rock. He holds a sharp stone that fits well in his hand. On the rock he has engraved the silhouette of a moose. Probably early in the Neolithic period 5000 – 5500 years ago

Crazy Coyote

FJORD AND SEA RAFTING. A rigid inflatable boat (RIB) with a lots of hp. In 35 to 50 knots 50 cm above sea level, safe and very stable vessel, which offers great opportunities for fast and efficient transport.