Arctic and Nordic
sailing trips

   Your journey takes place aboard a custom-built Saxe 55 expedition steel boat, featuring steel reinforcement and double insulation to endure ice and rugged environments. This vessel has previously navigated the waters of Greenland and Svalbard, serving as a platform for nature film production for BBC and National Geographic.

   Our tours are all about getting away from stress, hustle, and the 9-to-5 life. We prioritize anchoring at sea and try minimize our time spent in harbors, which can often be cramped and noisy. However, we do make stops when needed.

   Additionally, we hope that you can acquire new skills from us during the tour, whether it’s in sailing, navigation, knots, fishing, gutting, appreciating nature, or embracing the experiences and challenges they entail.

   There are 5 cabins on the boat, each furnished with a double bed and a small bunk bed or bunk bed. It can comfortably accommodate 8 guests, in addition to the skipper + 1 crew. The boat has 2 bathrooms and 1 shower room onboard.

When sailing in Nordic waters, a warm boat is always appreciated!

   Even on summer evenings, it can get chilly in Norway and the Nordic region. Onboard the boat, there will always be excellent opportunities to stay warm and cozy indoors. If you feel a bit cold during the voyage, you can step into our wheelhouse and still enjoy a 360-degree view of everything that’s happening, a feature that few other sailboats have.

   Take back the curious and connected human who may have drifted away in the digital and hectic world. Likewise, we are excited to learn from your stories, thoughts, and experiences.

Saxe 55ft

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