Bicycle rental

      It’s possible to rent a bicycle here too.There are many nice paths for both hiking and biking in the area. The easiest trip will take you to the Ambornest.

      In early 1800 there was counted around 80 burial mounds on Amborneset. Most of them from the 9th-century ad (the Viking age). Most of them are gone today due to agricultural growth etc, but many of the burial mounds still visible today. Here we can mention a great sword picked up from one of the burial mounds..

      It’s a single-edged sword forged out of iron. Both guards are well preserved with exceptionally beautiful decoration made by narrow double strips of copper, which vertically framing the round recesses. See the picture further down on this page.

      These stray finds together with all the burial mounds and a stone fortress pointing out Hindrum as a historically significant area.