Crazy Coyote

Rib boat sea and fjord rafting

    RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a fast, safe and very stable vehicle, which offers great opportunities for fast and efficient transport. RIB can be an activity for the tough, but most people use RIB in a completely different way. In the speed range 35 to 50 knots 50 cm above sea level, you will get the “kick” you seek, but Crazy Coyote always focus on well-being and safety.

    Crazy Coyote offer many different RIB tours. It can be a one hour trip out of Trondheim, or longer trips out to the coast or in through the Trondheim Fjord. They are happy to make trips with a stop at a suitable place for dining or other refreshments.

    On the RIB trips, there will be provided warm suits, goggles and rescue equipment. It is important that you have good footwear, a hat and gloves.

      Crazy Coyote use their own RIB company Fjordrafting on the trips they offer, and have 3 boats ourselves that each take 12 people. In addition, Crazy Coyote can rent other boats, and can take groups up to 82 people at a time.

Kanalkai 19
7010 Trondheim

One hour from Hindrum Fjordsenter