Hiking trip poster Kjerringklumpen 13km roundtrip by Hindrum Fjordsenter Norway

   This 13.4 km long trip takes you to the top of Kjerringklumpen, majestically raised 602 meters above sea level. The view is nothing short of fantastic throughout the journey, and from the top of Kjerringklumpen you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view, which stretches from the Sylmassive across the Swedish border to Frosta and Tautra below. On clear days you can even see the Mosvik transmitter, and the horizon stretches all the way out into the Atlantic Ocean.

   The trail is well marked throughout the trip, but increased caution is necessary, especially after rainfall, as the path can become slippery. Although the walk contains some steep sections and is somewhat more demanding than shorter alternatives, it is still achievable for most people of average fitness. When you reach the top, you are rewarded with a spectacular view and given the opportunity to explore alternative routes down.

   Be considerate of wildlife, including any sheep and reindeer that may be in the area. This trip is not only a physical challenge, but also a journey through the beauty of nature. You can choose this route as a round trip, either by going up from Revelltun or up via Fjellveien mountain path, and possibly down via Revelltun or Fjellveien after you have reached the top. Or you can go up and down the same path.

   Fjellveien mountain path is a little steeper in places and gives a slightly higher heart rate, but you get up on the heath faster. Along the way, you pass the impressive waterfall Brokko. From Revelltun you go through Skaret and up along Hindremselva before being challenged with steep climbs up Pessarheia. From Pessarheia and all the way to the top, a fantastic view opens up that rewards your efforts.