Hiking trip poster Borgen 8km roundtrip by Hindrum Fjordsenter Norway

    The trail goes past a stave church and some farms, one of which is Hindrum farm organic cheese factory where they make award-winning organic cheese.

    Later the path goes through forest and otherwise beautiful nature with a good view over the sea. This is a nice walk of about 8 km round trip. You can also rent a bike and ride it here. Then it is best to take another route.

    Legend has it that the castle is the ruins of an old village castle from the migration period 350 – 550.

    At the highest point of the hill is a large accumulation of stone that is reminiscent of the remains of a collapsed wall. Below «Borgen» there are several mounds that is likely be burial mounds or outposts for the castle itself.

    There has probably been a lot of activity in the villages of Hindrum and Seter for a long time. The oldest via archeological discovery is over 7000 years old.