Climb Munkstigen and hike to a mountain summer-farm

   Whole day experience in the alps of Fosen. Climbing in Trondheim’s best lookout tower. Enjoy the fantastic view and the fresh air on your mountain hike to Mevassetra.

   You can enjoy a comfortable and authentic experience. Become part of Mevassetra’s history, where the past and the present meet in a unique and memorable way

   Here you are welcomed to the table and offered culinary masterpieces based on the best local ingredients. Our aim is to give you a taste experience you won’t soon forget, while at the same time supporting and promoting the local business community.

   At the setra, you will also meet charming sheep and lambs, majestic cows, playful rabbits and lively hens and chickens.

   Take a stroll around the lush landscape and observe the happy animals grazing and thriving in their natural environment. You may even get the chance to feed them or perhaps greet some newborn lambs.

   A former flourishing seat with a vibrant life around Lake Mevatnet until 1948. Delicious goat cheese and butter were produced here, and milk and cream were sold to the townspeople who were holidaying in the mountains. Today you can experience this rich history by visiting our beautiful Setervoll.

Adults 800Nok

Child 650Nok

Price includes