Munkstigen via

Trondheim's best lookout tower
In "The Alps of Fosen"

950 meters / 520 m.a.s.l / 3-5 hours

Panoramic view climbing the Munkstigen via ferrata on a sunny day at Hindrum Fjordsenter in Norway
    If you want to challenge yourself a little, together with good friends or family, this is something for you. This is climbing for everyone and there is no requirement for prior climbing experience.

    Climbing the Munkstigen via ferrata climbing path is an exciting adventure that makes it tickle your stomach and gives you a fantastic nature experience from sea to summit. From here you will get a panoramic view of Trondheim, large parts of The fjord of Trondheim and the surrounding areas. The climbing path is located just off county road 755, between Vanvikan and Leksvik.

   The via ferrata opened in August 1998 is Norway’s oldest via ferrata, and was Northern Europe’s longest with its 950 meters for many years. The trip takes an average of about 3-5 hours, and it is up to you whether you take it as a training trip or use as much time as you wish and enjoy the view in more depth. This is an awesome trip for teams, associations, work colleagues, school classes, student groups, bachelor parties, sports groups, etc.

    All climbing trips must be booked in advance. For booking or other information contact Hindrum Fjordsenter, or check the website of 

    Note that instruction and rental of safety equipment doesn’t not take place by the climbing path. You MUST go to Hindrum Fjordsenter to receive safety training, rental of equipment and sign documents required to make the trip. You pass the Munkstigen parking lot with approximately 9 km in direction of Leksvik, if you travel from Vanvikan.

    A guide can be scheduled in advance, and must be booked at least 24-48 hours in advance. There is no requirement for having a guide, but in some cases it can be good to climb with an experienced instructor, who knows the trail well. There is group discount for groups 10 or more
    Persons under 18 must have the approval of a parent or guardian. Children under 12 must actively be followed by an adult at all times. All users must be over 7 years of age or of a height of at least 135cm. There is no upper age limit.

Munken the mountain got its name because it is located in the extension of the axis between The Nidaros Cathedral – The Munk-street in Trondheim and The Munkholmen island.

Price Munkstigen

All safety equipment and instructions is included .

Take the challenge – Get to the top

Regular price 350
Children up to 15 years of age 300
Groups 10 people or more price each person 300
Student w/valid student id 300
Munkstigen gift card — Desired value xxx
Student discount only valid for collage and universities. 
Guide 1-5 persons 4 hours 1000
Guide 5-10 persons 4 hours 1200
Guide 10-20 persons 4 hours 1500
250 kr extra each hour after this