Museum of coastal heritage

      Kystens Arv museum ( Museum of coastal heritage ) is one of the country’s finest museums. They have their own active boat building factory, where they build old traditional boats of wood. They have an historic rose garden, a cafe and one of Norway’s largest collections of rivet-built sailboats. The museum takes care of and preserve the most important traditions of the coastal settling: the craft, the stories and the community. The museum is beautifully located and south-faced down by the fjord in the village of Stadsbygd.

       In June 2017 a large new communication building opened with a boat hall, exhibitions and a cafe. Kystens Arv is a living museum and offers activities for the whole family. In the Priest-river ( Prestelva ) you can row around with traditional boats build at the museum. Kids can build their own boats in the boat building factory for kids. 

     Kystens Arv has many events during the year. Take a look at the calendar on their website for updated information.



Tele:          +47 73 85 55 60