Scuba diving

Experience the shallowest occurrence
of the Coral Lophelia Pertusa in the world.

    It is another world, the sea gives us. A whole new paradise. It is a world where we humans only come to visit.

     Are you among the few people in the world who love to go on a diving experience to enjoy what is below sea level every time you get a chance?

    There is nothing to achieve on a dive other than that it is a fun exploration of life. When you dive, you do not take yourself so seriously. You relax and focus on the beauty of the underwater world.

    Coral reefs along the Norwegian coast are most often found at depths of 200-400 meters. In Trondheimsfjorden we have several coral reefs at less than 50 meters deep, this is also unique in an international context.

    A small 10 minute boat ride from Hindrum Fjordsenter you will find fine deepwater corals at only 20-25 meters depth. There are also opportunities for wreck diving not too far from the fjord center.

   The Trondheim Fjord is absolutely fantastic to explore underwater, and there are centuries of history out there. Many people have probably seen pictures online, but it is something completely different to explore it on their own, emphasizes Kaj Sjølie, general manager at Havsport in this report in

    Visit Havsport Trondheim to fill bottles, take courses, buy diving equipment and do maintenance. Diving trips are also often arranged.

    It’s not just the story that whizzes beneath the surface. The Trondheim Fjord also hides an extensive marine species diversity.

    The fjord og Trondheim  has usually very clear water and is nice to dive in. Except if it has rained quite heavily in a few days. Several of the best salmon rivers in Norway flow into the Trondheim Fjord. Crowded rivers bring with them soil particles that can cause the water in the fjord to become cloudy.