The Pearls of Fosen

    This is an journey through the beautiful peninsula Fosen in Trøndelag.

    The Pearls are individual businesses and traveling destinations that consists of unique accommodations and great experiences. Visit farms and local food producers, enjoy unique trade, excursions to water and land, interesting cultural monuments, galleries and museums. Here you can eat and sleep well in peaceful surroundings close to the beautiful the fjord of Trondheim. It’s like a miniature of Norway, with lots of fantastic experiences from both fjords, mountains and everything between.

    Not everybody have ordinary opening hours. So make sure to contact the individual locations – operators before arrival to ensure you’ll find an open door!

    The cultural monuments along our line are signposted. The signs tell parts of the story, and you can also explore most of the cultural monuments with your mobile phone or tablet! By scanning the QR code or going to, you get instant access to digital stories where the cultural heritage is made alive and dramatic through text, sound and image. This gives you an extended experience of the cultural monuments.

    The Pearls are centrally located in the heart of Trøndelag with proximity to the city of Trondheim, but still just long enough distance to calm down and lower your shoulders in scenic surroundings. We are located one hour from most, from Trondheim, from Åfjord and Stokkøya, from Ørland, from Den Gyldne Omvei. Welcome to pleasant days at Fosen.

Welcome to spend some fantastic days here!