All our boats are equipped with sounder, GPS and chart plotter

      Before you sign the rental agreement for the boat its important that you read and understand all the requirements, and information about the specific boat. After that, you have to pay a deposit of 2000,- nok. The deposit is for covering potential damages to the propeller etc.
     Please note that a Norwegian boat license or valid qualification certificate is required to steer a Norwegian boat that is longer than 8 meters (26.25 feet), or has a engine of more than 25 HP / 19 kW.
(only required for persons born after 1980)
      Before you return the boat is important that the boat is cleaned 100% and the gasoline tank filled up or exchanged. If you rent the boat by the hour, the gas is included. We will perform an inspection on the boat before the deposit is paid back. On the inspection, we check gas, propeller and the overall condition of the boat.
      The best way to clean the boat is to use warm soapy water and a large brush and scrub the dirty surface. After you are done scrubbing, rinse with cold water. We got all the cleaning supplies needed, which you can borrow at no charge. Contact the reception for further detail. Water hoses for cleaning are located both at the pier at the ford-center and at the dock in the marina.
      When you rent the boat you will get a detailed sea map. Remember to bring a cellphone with you, and remember to write down or store our phone number + 47 72 90 92 00‬

GeMi 600 20 ft. 60  Hp.

GeMi 600

Kvernø 20 ft. 60 Hp.


Øyen 17 ft. 25 Hp.

     The boats are stored in the marina approximately 300 meters east of Hindrum Fjordsenter. At the center, we have a pier with a floating dock where you can easily dock with the boats to load and unload.