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    We have safe nice boats for rent. Bring your whole family, friends or work colleagues on an unforgettable sea fishing adventure in Norway’s third largest fjord.

    When you rent the boat will also get a detailed chart. Remember to take a phone with you, and be sure to store our phone number. Life jackets are mandatory and included in the price.

    The boats are parked in the marina which is located 300 meters east of Hindrum Fjordsenter. If the sea is calm, the boats can be parked at the floating pier at the fjord center during the day for a few hours. Please consider the others who rent a boat from us so that there is room for everyone.

    If the boat is not to be used for at least 3-4 hours, please park the boat in the marina.

    Before renting a boat, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the terms and direction lines that are valid for the boat you are going to rent. Afterwards, you must sign a rental contract and pay a deposit of 3500 Nok or 350 Euro. The deposit is to cover any damage to the propeller, etc.

    We recommend bringing a bucket with which you tie a rope. Then you can use cold seawater during the fishing trip and scrub and wash as you go. This makes the job of end cleaning much easier. We have all the cleaning equipment needed for the job. Contact reception for more information. There is a hose with fresh water both at the fjord center and in the marina.   

    When you return the boat, it is important that it is completely cleaned, and that the tank is completely filled or replaced (if you rent a 25hp boat). If the boat is rented per hour price, petrol is included. We perform an inspection before you get your deposit back. We check petrol, propeller and otherwise the condition of the boat.

Gemi 20ft 60-80hp

Kvernø 20ft 60hp

Øyen 17ft 25hp

Boating license is required for persons born after 1980

Please note that a Norwegian boating license is required to operate Norwegian recreational boats that are longer than 8 meters (26.25 feet), or have an engine with a power greater than 25hp / 19 kw

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