We got everything you will require for your fishing adventure. Fishing gear, floating west, detailed sea map, boat, gasoline and fishing card required for freshwater fishing etc. 

      We have a long pier with a floating dock. You can fish from the pier or use it to dock the boat when you come back with your catch after a trip on the fjord. On the end of the pier, it’s a fileting room as well.

Freshwater fishing in beautiful scenery

Regulations for foreign fishing tourists

Some sensible fishing rules

Be sure to demonstrate good sea senseRespect the weather and the weather reports and follow the advice givenDo not drink and drive at sea – Drinking and boating don’t mixProtect the environmentTake responsibility for fishery resourcesAct responsibly when boating near fish farmsRespect commercial fishermen and act responsibly in areas where commercial fishing occursFollow the guidelines provided by the boat hire companyYou are always responsible for your own safety