Hiking trip poster spranget 4km roundtrip by Hindrum Fjordsenter Norway

   This charming trail, which stretches over 4 kilometers round trip, is a perfect family-friendly experience. It takes you back in time, following the old road that was extensively used before the tunnel opened in 1963.

   The leisurely two-hour walk both ways gives you the opportunity to enjoy a historical perspective while taking in the enchanting views of the lake and fjord. The trail is designed with all ages in mind, and the moderate grade makes it an accessible hike for even the smallest family members.

   Along the way, you can enjoy small picnic breaks and with an exploratory mind can enjoy discovering hidden gems along the path, while the spectacular fjord views accompany you throughout the journey.

   This family-friendly experience not only gives you the perfect opportunity to create shared memories, but also the opportunity to delve into the past and understand how this landscape has developed over time.