There are many beautiful marked hiking trails in the area, which give you wonderful nature experiences. In the autumn there are a lot of berries and mushrooms to pick.

    The beauty of hiking in the woods, fields and mountains is that it really is an activity everyone can do. Whether you are young or old, an expert or an amateur, there is always a path out there that is perfect for you. Nature is not a place to visit, it’s like being at home.
    We walk in nature to be calmed, healed, and to get our senses in order. In every trip you in nature, you receive far more than you seeks. Look deep into nature and you will get a new perspective, clarity and understand everything much better. Take a walk in the woods and come out taller than the trees.


This is the shortest and is only 4 km round trip. It is the old road that was used before the tunnel was opened in 1963. This is a nice little trip that follows along the fjord.


This trip is 13.4km round trip and takes you to the top of Kjerringklumpen at 602 m.o.h.
This trip is a bit steep to places and a bit more demanding than the shorter trips, but it is affordable for the vast majority with an average physical shape.


Legend has it that the castle is the ruins of an old village castle from about 350 - 550. This is a relatively short walk that gives you a great view of both Hindrum and Seter. From Hindrum Fjordsenter the trip is about 8 km round trip. It also possible to bike here quite easily.

Hindrumsetra log cabin

This trip is 12.7km one way. Hindrum setra is from around 1700 without electricity or plumbing. The trip is a bit steep some places and a bit more demanding than the shorter trips, but it is totally doable for most people with an average physical shape.