Fairytale trail

   Hindrum Skilag is working on a new project and will create an adventure trail with wooden figures made by a local artist, Jostein Finseråsen. He is a top class chainsaw artist and wood carver.

   The plan is to make the figures so that we can tell local stories, and link small fun and physical activities to the figures. The figures are both from well-known fairy tales and fantasy. More figures are on the way. You just have to look forward to going on the hiking trail and finding lots of funny characters.


   We received a fabulously beautiful troll as a gift from the artist and it is already in place and standing scouting out towards Hindremsbukta. There is a funny story related to the troll who, in frustration, threw a huge stone at the stave church at Hindrem.

   Two fox puppies, a squirrel and a mouse are on the way and more will be added as they are finished.