Terms and

General terms

1.1.  These terms and conditions apply when entering into an agreement to rent a holiday home, boat and / or additional services between tenants, and Hindrum Fjordsenter.

1. 2.  Information on the website www.hindrumfjordsenter.no, and in other marketing material from Hindrum Fjordsenter and in the travel documents form together with the agreement terms, the contract-conditions between Hindrum Fjordsenter and the tenant. These terms of agreement shall precede information in other documents in the event of conflict. Hindrum Fjordsenter does not guarantee information provided by third parties.

1.3.  The agreement is binding between the parties when the tenant has received a confirmation of the booking.


2. Payment

2.1.  When booking, the first installment is 25% of the total price and due 14 days after a binding agreement is made. The second installment of 75% of the total price is due 30 days before the start of the rental period, and must reach Hindrum Fjordsenter no later than this time.

2.2.  If booking is made 29 days prior to the start of the rental period or later, the total price of the service is due immediately after the binding agreement is made.

2.3.  If the payment terms in points 2.1 and 2.2 are not complied with, this will be considered an agreement breach, and justify Hindrum Fjordsenter to terminate the agreement. Hindrum Fjordsenter will try to notify the tenant before the agreement is terminated. The tenant’s payment obligations is governed by point 4. Cancellation.

2.4.  An additional payment may apply to credit card payments. This amount covers the extra costs associated with credit card transactions. Under certain circumstances, you may be subject to additional fees imposed by your card issuer. Questions related to such fees must be directed to the card issuer.


3. Change

3.1.  Provided that there are at least 56 days before arrival and that there are available booking options, the tenant has the right to change the booking. Changes cannot reduce the rental amount, and the change must be within the same year and destination as the original booking. The fee per change is NOK 300.


4. Cancellation

4.1.  A written cancellation must be made, and is valid from the day Hindrum Fjordsenter has received it.

4.2.  Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

4.2.1.  If canceled 50 days or more prior to the rental period, the tenant pays a cancellation fee of 25% of the total price.

4.2.2.  If canceled 49-35 days prior to the rental period, the tenant pays a cancellation fee of 30% of the total price.

4.2.3.  If canceled 34-20 prior to the rental period, the tenant pays a cancellation fee of 50% of the total price.

4.2.4.  If canceled 19-8 days prior to the rental period, the tenant pays a cancellation fee of 80% of the total price.

4.2.5.  If canceled 7 days prior the rental period until the start of the rental period, the tenant pays a cancellation fee of 90% of the total price.

4.3.  If the tenant is able to get another person to take over the lease for the same period and at the same price, this person can be accepted by writing Hindrum Fjordsenter. The lease can be transferred to this person for a fee of NOK 500. The same applies to additional service agreements directly offered by Hindrum Fjordsenter. Hindrum Fjordsenter may reject this, if the replacement tenant is not suitable, or his / her participation is against legal provisions or regulatory measures. The replacement tenant and the original tenant are jointly and severally liable to Hindrum Fjordsenter with regard to the travel price and any additional costs incurred as a result of a third party entering into the contract.

4.4.  The tenant must personally arrange to get a valid travel insurance and / or cancellation insurance which covers any costs as a result of illness or other circumstances preventing the tenant from using booked holiday homes, boats and / or additional services. Persons residing in Norway are advised to purchase travel and cancellation insurance through Gouda.no

Persons living in EU / EEA countries are advised to bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on the trip in addition to the travel insurance. In the event of a cancellation of the stay, the cancellation itself shall be notified to Hindrum Fjordsenter, while any claim for financial compensation should be addressed to the insurance company.


5. Liability of Tenant

5.1.  Tenant shall treat the holiday home with fixtures, boats, and any other material rented by the tenant, properly. The holiday home, the boat and any other material rented by the tenant shall be returned in the same condition as upon renting.

5.2.  The tenant commit to leave the holiday home cleared. Although an end-of-stay cleaning is included in the price, this does not exempt the renter from arranging dishes, emptying refrigerators, emptying rubbish as well as cleaning in and around the holiday home before departure.

5.3.  The tenant is committed to compensate for any damage to property, holiday home with fixtures, boats, motors, tools, equipment etc. and has a similar liability for such damages caused by persons participating in the rent or which the tenant otherwise gives access to the property.

5.4.  The tenant must pay a deposit on arrival equal to the amount of NOK 2000 (approximately € 200) each boat. The deposit is refunded to the tenant when the tenant returns the boat in the agreed condition.

5.5.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to hold the correct certifications in accordance with Norwegian Law in order to operate a boat. It is the tenant’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Norwegian Law regarding tourist fishing in Norway. Read more on www.fiskeridir.no or www.hindrumfjordsenter.no with regulations for foreign fishing tourists.


6. Arrival and departure time 

6.1.  Arrival time is 16:00, departure time is 10:00, unless otherwise described on www.hindrumfjordsenter.no or stated in the travel documents. If arrival is between 23:00 and 07:00 the tenant may be charged a fee of NOK 600 upon arrival.


7. Deficiency and complaint

7.1.  Any complaints must be notified to Hindrum Fjordsenter immediately, and no later than 48 hours from the start of the rental period or the discovery of the damage / defect, and no later than the end of the lease. If the damage / defect is not or cannot be fixed right away, written complaint must be sent to Hindrum Fjordsenter no later than 30 days after the rental period has ended. Hindrum Fjordsenter is obliged to respond to the tenant within 6 weeks after receiving the complaint.

7.2.  There is a deficiency if the holiday home deviates from what is agreed or assumed in the agreement, and this is not due to the tenant or circumstances on his part. However, deviations from the contract are not regarded as deficiencies if they are of minor importance, or are of the kind that the customer must expect to occur from time to time. The same applies to deviations in natural conditions that Hindrum Fjordsenter neither had nor should have knowledge of or dominion over.

7.3.  Some difference in quality, features etc. between the various holiday homes or boats must be expected. There must be expected some differences between pictured holiday homes or boats in marketing material and the holiday home or boat the tenant is actually awarded. Such differences do not constitute a deficiency. The fact that other tenants has a holiday home or boat of a different quality, features etc. than the tenant’s holiday home or boat, does not constitute a deficiency in the tenant’s holiday home or boat.

7.4.  The tenant commits to help avoid deterioration of damage, defects and errors, and to help keep losses as low as possible for Hindrum Fjordsenter. Hindrum Fjordsenter shall have a reasonable period of time to repair or rectify any damage or defect.

7.5.  Hindrum Fjordsenter reserves the right, if possible to remedy any damage or defect by relocating the tenant to another holiday home or boat of similar price and quality.

7.6.  Hindrum Fjordsenter’s liability covers only direct financial loss. Hindrum Fjordsenter cannot be held responsible for indirect loss (consequential damage) or non-financial damage (non-material damage). Compensation cannot be claimed for loss or damage caused by the tenant’s own negligence or circumstances.


8. Hindrum Fjordsenter’s responsibility

8.1.  Hindrum Fjordsenter cannot be held liable for losses incurred due to theft or other external influences affecting the tenant’s private belongings etc.


9. Force majeure (circumstances beyond one’s control)

9.1.  If the execution of the lease is made difficult or impossible due to force majeure circumstances, such as war, natural and pollution disasters, epidemics, closed borders, traffic conditions, delays in currency trading, strikes, lockout, and similar conditions, which could not be foreseen upon making the lease agreement, Hindrum Fjordsenter may cancel the agreement. Hindrum Fjordsenter cannot be held responsible for any losses arising from such cancellation. Hindrum Fjordsenter is obliged to take the necessary measures if the contract includes a return trip to ensure that the tenant returns home. The extra costs for such a return trip shall be shared equally by Hindrum Fjordsenter and the tenant. In all other cases, the extra costs will be covered by the tenant.


10. Other terms

10.1.  Reservations for typographical errors are made on Hindrum Fjordsenter’s websites, catalogs and other marketing material. Hindrum Fjordsenter is not financially responsible for any printing errors or other unconscious misinformation that will harm the tenant.