Hindrum Gårdsysteri is owned and run by Frode Hindrum and Lise Mathiesen. They make many different types of cheese from their own produced organic cow milk.

    They make many types of cheese, including cheddar aged 6-25 months, porter cheddar (marinated in organic porter), IPA Jack (American Jack marinated in organic IPA), Cheshire and Feta cheese.

    Feel free to visit this award-winning dairy. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from Hindrum fjord center. The cheese they make can be bought at the farm’s own shop.

    The recipes are inspired by Irish, British and American traditions. The best seller is  the beer-marinated cheeses porter cheddar and IPA Jack. The cheese you get here is rare, fantastic and handmade from organic unpasteurised cow-milk.

    Hindrum Farm has over 500 years of History. Since 2014, they have run a dairy with innovative and organic solutions for local ingredients. Here they make cheese you would not otherwise find in the Norwegian supermarket. It’s sold at the farmers market in Trondheim and at the cheese store at the farm.

    Come to Hindrum farm if you want to experience cheese in a whole new way.