Some of the fish species are under pressure.
We all make an effort to secure fish stocks for the future.

    There has always been a lot of fishing along the coast of Norway, and we are so lucky that everyone can fish for free in the sea. If future generations are to have this opportunity as well, we must all make an effort to secure fish stocks for the future.
    From 1 January 2022, such reporting shall only take place on a digital platform approved by the Directorate of Fisheries.
    From this point on, it will no longer be possible to register catches via the Directorate of Fisheries’ digital catch reporting form.
    Registered tourist fishing companies must report catches of these five species
  • Cod
  • Halibut
  • Redfish
  • Wolf-fish / Catfish
  • Coalfish / Saithe
    The reporting shall take place continuously. If there has been no fishing activity, you do not need to report, but fishing trips without catch must also be reported. The report applies regardless of the nationality or residence of the fisherman.

Foreign tourists are subject to the following rules when fishing in Norway.​

  • Use hand-held gear only. Tourists are not allowed to use nets, pots, ruses, lines or the like.
  • From 1 January 2021, new rules apply for how much fish can be taken from Norway as a recreational fisherman. If you have fished from a registered tourist fishing company, you can bring up to 18 kilos of fish or fish products twice a year.
  • Fish or fishery products purchased in Norway are not covered by the export quota if it can be documented that the fish or fishery products have been purchased from a registered trader.
  • Catch reporting for Cod, Halibut, Saithe, Redfish and Catfish. Catches shall be reported as the number of fish per species, per vessel and per fishing trip by catch date. The reporting shall include fish that have been caught but are not taken ashore. Fishing trips without catch of the mentioned species must also be reported (zero catch).
  • Halibut over two meters must be set free.
  • Travel more than 100 meters from the nearest fish farm when fishing. All boat traffic must take place at least 20 meters away from fish farms and mooring devices.
  • Not allowed to sell the catch.
  • Do not fish below the minimum size.
  • Can not participate in direct capture of king crab, but a quota has been set for companies that conduct tourist fishing in Finnmark. Tourist fishing for king crab.
  • Can under certain conditions participate in the hunt for coastal seals together with a Norwegian citizen if you have approved the shooter license.
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