This 17ft model is equipped with a 25hp outboard engine, sonar, GPS and chart plotter. The boat have large floor space inside. Life jackets are mandatory and included in the price.

    The boat is good for 3-4 people on board at all times. We do not recommend more than 3-4 people for the boat to be as easy to handle as possible, and to maintain the best conditions for fishing. Of course, it depends a bit on the size of each person, and how many people will be fishing at any one time.

    Before you rent a boat, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the terms and regulations that apply to the boat you are going to rent. Afterwards, you must sign a rental contract and pay a deposit of 3500 Nok or 350 Euro. The deposit is to cover any damage to the propeller etc.

    Upon returning the boat, it is important that it is completely cleaned and that the tank is filled or replaced. If the boat is rented per hourly basis, petrol is included. We will perform an inspection before you get your deposit back. We check petrol, propeller and otherwise the condition of the boat.

Boating license is NOT required for this model


Oyen 17ft25hk boat with fjord view at Hindrum Fjordsenter in Norway