Hindrem Stave Church was built in 2012 on the site of the old parish church on Hindrem. It is built according to the same model as the old stave churches in Norway. The church is consecrated and used for services, baptisms, weddings and concerts. It is located freely, surrounded by green fields and mountains in the background and with a fantastic view over the Trondheim Fjord. It is really worth a visit.

    This is the third church that stands in about the same place on Hindrem. The first was a small stave church whose age we do not know. What we do know is that this church got a new tower and spire in 1653. At that time, the church was already old and dilapidated, so it was demolished eleven years later.

    A new church was built around 1665, built by the 17th century famous church builder Ole Johnsen Hindrum. This parish church stood until 1897, when Vanvikan became a new church site and the church was demolished.

    There was a longing for a new church, and in 2003 Hindrem Stave Church Association was founded. The board was given a mandate to start work on building a stave church on the old church site Hindrem. Leksvik municipality bought land close to Hindrem cemetery. The Stave Church team sold shares for DKK 300. the piece. Shares are still sold. The shares make up a relatively small part of the cost of erecting the church.

    A lot of hard work has been done and the team has received financial support from Leksvik municipality, Nord Trøndelag county, local business companies and private donors. The church was built as a copy of Haltdalen Stave Church from the 12th century.
That church stands at Trøndelag Folk Museum.

    The construction work was led in a professional and good way by Trond Staberg from Mosvik. Hindrem Stave Church was consecrated on September 9, 2012 by Nidaros Bishop Tor Singsås. About 300 people gathered for the wedding service.

    Stave Church is rented out for weddings, baptisms, funerals and other events that fit in a church. Visits to the church are arranged in advance.

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